The art of gold-silver gilding

Gold gilding is a process applied to various materials as decoration. Thanks to specific handicraft techniques, objects become unique and exclusive, with a precious finishing made of very thin layers of gold leaf.

Among the materials used there is certainly fine gold, but other materials such as gold imitation, silver, platinum and copper can be used as well, mainly to obtain particular effects.

Decoration is an art coming from the past, able to strengthen the visual effect and the characteristics of furniture, picture frames, mirrors and design objects.

Gold and Silver LeafPure leaf or commercial-type leaf?

The commercial-type leaf, called also “imitation”, is very used since it assures an excellent visual effect. Such a type of leaf is made of a brass and copper alloy in the case of gold leaf, and of aluminium in the case of silver leaf.

Most demanding clients can ask for the "Pure leaf", which is very precious and is called FINE GOLD 24kt or WHITE GOLD in case of use of gold leaf, SILVER 800 in case of use of silver leaf, and PLATINUM in case of use of platinum leaf. Being all pure leaves obtained from pure metals, they price is very high.


Products subjected to our “pure leaf” gilding process have all a certificate of authenticity, which certifies the pureness of gold, silver or platinum leaf used.

Purezza 100% certificata